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Join us March 31st, 6-8pm for the opening of Dave Chance’s “Ode To Patina” at the Offsite Gallery on the 1st Floor of the World Trade Center at 101 W. Main St.  Gallery hrs: 8:30am-5:30pm

Dave Chance sees photography as an encounter, not an illustration.  He aims to capture the essence of a subject the moment he sees it. “Ode to Patina” is a series of photographs of plaster walls in Italy.  It reveals the fluid relationship between light, form, material, craft, the effects of time and the patina that develops at the hand of people.  Existence is temporal and fleeting and constantly changing.  Essence is fixed.  Dave’s work is a revelation of the beauty of the intersection between existence and essence, permanence and change.

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Join us April 7th, 4-6pm for the opening of Marlowe Emerson’s “Natural Collective” at the Transit Gallery in the HRT Building at 509 E. 18th St.  Gallery hrs: 8am-5pm M-F

Marlowe Emerson’s use of mixed media and collage allows her to explore and connect with the diverse environment of the Virginia coast.  “Natural Collective” (April 7 – July 27, 2017 at the Transit Gallery) is comprised of works created from scans, photographs and drawings of specimens collected from nature.  Through this body of work, Marlowe hopes to heighten our perception of the interdependent relationship between all elements of nature, including ourselves.

Specifically for this exhibition, Marlowe is creating a large scale collage entitled “Our Forest” from tree images and a variety of forest vegetation native to Hampton Roads.

Join us for the opening reception at the Transit Gallery on the 2nd floor of the HRT Building at 509 E. 18th St. 4-6pm, April 7.
Free & open to the public

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